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About Midwest Medical Center

On December 5, 2007, Midwest Medical Center became the first replacement Critical Access Hospital to open its doors in the State of Illinois.

Prior to Midwest Medical Center, we were know as Galena-Stauss Hospital & Healthcare Center, a 45 year old 18 bed, Critical Access facility unable to expand and improve our medical services due to building challenges and landlocked location.

Upon entering the front doors, you are immediately taken in by the warm colors, rich woods, soothing sconce lighting, vaulted ceiling and life-size windows that point to the blue Midwestern sky. Every place your eyes land, there is a healing element before you. From the water features that keep children entertained and give parents a needed diversion, to the bubbling copper fountain in the healing garden, you immediately feel that you are in a place where you will be cared for. The self-playing mahogany baby grand piano provides mood-elevating audio, while the majestic ceramic-tiled staircase that leads to the family meditation room, encourages visitors and staff to climb rather than riding the elevators. Patient suites are private, warm and comforting, with windows that offer a magnificient view and a place for family to rest. In-room dining with a wide variety cuisine, flat screen televisions and carefully designed panels to hide medical gas controls are just a few of the features that help to transform the patient experience.

Features such as the state-of-the-art Fitness Center, Resource Library, Meditation Suite, Whispering Willow Gift Shop and Vista Cafe attract community members to visit the facility for reasons other than illness. We welcome and invite you to take full advantage of what Midwest Medical Center has to offer.

We are committed to patient centered care, medically advanced and compassionate care in a truly healing environment for all who live and work in the Tri-State Area.