Emergency Care

No one ever anticipates that they will need urgent medical care. Knowing that you have an outstanding emergency medicine team close to home is essential for any community. At Midwest Medical Center, we provide our community with a specialized team of Board-Certified emergency physicians and a nursing staff that is trained especially for the emergency environment.
Our critically ill or seriously injured patients need state-of-the-art diagnostic services and expert care, and that is exactly what we offer-24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our pledge is to treat you with the
respect, privacy and efficiency you deserve during this stressful time.
County-based ambulance services serve our communities around the clock. While most transfers
to other facilities are arranged by ambulance, in the event transfer to a facility out of the area
is required, an FAA-approved helipad is lcoated on the hospital campus.

Our Services
Medical emergencies are as varied as the people who have them. We most often see patients with the following:
Cardiac problems, including shortness of breath and heart attacks, injuries from automobile, snowmobile, motorcycle and other vehicular accidents, injuries as the result of falls, broken bones or other orthopedic problems that result from minor or serious accidents, playground, athletic,
workplace and school related injuries, asthma and other breathing emergencies, severe pain and/or bleeding, poisoning, acute psychiatric problems or emotional distress, acute episodes of chronic disease or illness, injuries caused by domestic or other types of violence.
At Midwest Medical Center, we also have advanced life-saving features including a Cardiac/Trauma room and a
sophisticated Decontimination Room. Our emergency entrance also serves as our 24-hour patient registration center.

Our Team
We are proud to have Board Certified emergency physicians from the University of Illinois Medical Center, Department of Emergency Medicine on our Team.

Learn about the University of Illinois Medical Center and its Department of Emergency Medicine and discover for yourself why this strategic alliance is good for those who rely on Midwest Medical Center for urgent and critical care. The physicians attending in our Emergency Department are not only highly skilled and trained, they are also the teachers of those who practice emergency medicine. Working with our own area emergency responders, they are helping to bring the University of Illinois Medical Center's standards for a Higher Level of Care to the tri-state area.

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